People Crowds in itself is a brand new company, about a year old. However, the software that we use to build communities has been actively developed since 2010 and the team behind it has developed plenty of community site projects.

Today the software community and 3rd party developers have a very healthy & smooth running platform to work from. That allows us to pass the benefits of all that hard work on to you.


Easy to Start

 We do all the hard work. 

All you need to do is provide us with the style and theme of your choosing from our gallery. Oh yea, and invite your members... 


Mobile Ready

people Crowds Communities come with special built-in designs optimized for modern mobile devices such as iPhone, Android, and Windows Mobile.


Painless Configuration

People Crowds & its partner developers provide 40+ template parameters for super flexible template configuration. All parameters are nicely arranged in multiple sections for easy and convenient access.


Image Gallery

 Photos can be shared by you or any member of your community with ease. OR, if you choose... you can limit photo and other media sharing to only a select few.



Whether it's a church group, business community or a millionaire inner circle club. The possibilities are endless. 


No Coding Required

Absolutely no coding required. Who has time for that! 

Just focus on building your network.


Messaging System

With a super advanced messaging system all of your members can communicate with each other in an instant. 



JSN Dona is for Joomla 3.x

JSN Dona is natively compatible with Joomla! 3.x.


Full details about all template features can be found in comprehensive documentation package available for free download.

Free download

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